Women Sharing a Home

Creators of the Mature Womens Lifestyle Program, bringing together independent,
likeminded women over 50 who choose to share a comfortable and relaxing home.


Have you thought about sharing a home with other likeminded women. Increasingly, female boomers – both bosom buddies and strangers – are moving in together as a way to save money and form a community.

Conditions are ripe to make home sharing an option for many women. Money may be the incentive to get over the fear of “me? live with a stranger?” But it’s also having someone say, ‘How was your day?’ and having a social connection that feeds the soul.

Few could deny that there are emotional and physical benefits from friendship and social engagement – and research supports this. In a home share, the residents can also split household chores, feel safer with more people around them, and remove the feeling of isolation.

Welcome to Women Sharing a Home. A site created by Martin & Kuve Bradley as a result of discussions at various women’s meet-ups and many women’s round table coffee meetings discussing issues in regard to single women, initially on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

After much research by Martin, the accommodation issue for Single women over 50 was seen to be an issue all over Australia. What we discovered is that there are many women who, for whatever reason, divorce, husband passing, separation …. have found themselves alone in a large 3+ bedroom house. We have also discovered that there are a great number of women, for whatever reason, have found themselves single and looking for affordable accommodation.

The objective of Women Sharing a Home is to bring these two groups together. Women who have found themselves alone with rooms to spare who would like to rent out one or more rooms to like minded women who are looking for company and accommodation.

There are many sites out there that are designed for Share Accommodation but they seem to be challenging and confusing in their services and costs, which are not always what they seem, and these sites are not related specifically for women over 50.

Sharing a home with like-minded independent women of a similar age means you should be able to live an active and healthy life that offers safety, security and peace of mind at an affordable price. Hopefully you will be part of a home that enhances the choice of living independently, with the comfort of company.

This is not a retirement home or a boarding house. You will have your own room and freedom to live how you wish, subject to the owners rules or a homesharing agreement that is designed to ensure that sharing with other likeminded women, creating friendships and feeling comfortable and safe is what all the women living in the home are looking for.

How it works

To register as a Roomer ( someone looking for accommodation ) is absolutely free.  Just click the My Account button or the I Need a Room button on the home page and provide your details, where you would like to live, and a brief description about yourself, likes, dislikes etc.   See additional Info at FAQ’s

For added security only women who have registered as a Room Lister via the My Account button or the I Need a Flatmate button can search for and review people who have registered as a Roomer.  This allows the Room Listers to also seek out and contact women they feel may be a good match for their property. This can only be done via the Room Listers’ My Account Dashboard.    See additional Info at FAQ’s

Only Christian names, requirements and short descriptions are provided as output to the search results … no personal contact information or Surnames.

To list a room on Women Sharing a Home is very easy and affordable. The small fee allows us to keep the site operational and will allow us to provide expanded facilities as the site grows.  Like the Roomer, a Property Owner simply needs to register as a Property Owner and List a Room for Rent.  You need to provide your contact details, a description of the Room for rent, Rent amount and a short description about yourself and the type of person you are looking for( do not use your surname in this short description).

This will allow people who are looking for accommodation to search the available listings including your listing in order to find a suitable home.  If your Listing is found to be of interest to a Roomer and they will contact you through Women Sharing a Home. See Managing Contact.

Your listing will remain on our site for up to 3 Months at which stage you will receive an email or text to notify you it is being removed.  You will only ever be charged once for any one listing rental period.  You can log back on to extend the time for a maximum of 2 additional months or update your listing if required and you can also remove  your listing when you have successfully leased out your room.

Managing Contact

There is the opportunity for any potential renter to browse the available listings and find accommodation of interest.  Once a Roomer/potential renter, has found a property of interest they will register, ( if they haven’t already registered ), and then message the Listing Home Owner through a contact button on the Property Listing..

Once a Roomer has sent a message to the Listing Home Owner with their details sheet completed it is then up to the listing Home Owner to either reject the Roomer or respond to the Roomer with details regarding a meetup and or phone call to start discussing rental details.

It is highly recommended that the Listing Home Owner creates a set of house rules or a Homesharing Agreement and provides this to any prospective Roomer. This will help both the Home Owner and the Roomer to get the most out of shared housing and even help resolve rooming issues if they pop up.

Please look at the Hints & Tips page for helpful suggestions and links to sites that will assist in creating a Homeshare Agreement and answer some FAQ’s