Bringing together independent, likeminded women over 50 who choose to share a comfortable and relaxing home.

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A site created as a result of discussions at various women’s meet-ups and many women’s round table coffee meetings discussing issues in regard to single women, initially on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

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I have been living on my own for the past 25 years and recently I decided that financially it would be better for me if I could share a place with someone to bring my cost of living down. The thought of commencing my search was very daunting to me. It was important that I share with someone close to my age and a female. I started looking at different share accommodation sites and quickly realised they mainly catered for the younger generation. I was starting to lose hope when I was lucky enough to come across “women sharing a home”. What a fantastic site. I decided to register and haven’t looked back. I instantly felt safe in my search. The whole experience from when I contacted my now housemate, to moving into her lovely home was such an easy, comfortable process. I can’t thank “women sharing a home” enough for giving women like me such a wonderful forum to connect with other women wanting to share.


All Hail Martin, Kuve, Rachel and the team of 'The Mature Women's Lifestyle Program' for the timely, proactive roll out of 'Women Sharing a Home'. A platform allowing those of us at a certain (yet increasingly uncertain) age and stage of life, to connect, take heart and action. My techno phobic ability has felt wonderfully supported whilst I navigated your user friendly site to load myself (as seeking a room) and my property (to share). The ethos of this site sits so well with my own long held beliefs about the untold benefits of sharing our resources and dividing our labour. United we stand to create a more viable, enjoyable and sustainable reality. A Brave New World indeed! Let's get this website out as far and wide as we can ladies, so this baby is nurtured and grows as it could, should and must. Many Thanks again 'Women Sharing a Home' for all of your past, present and future efforts, in keeping it real and making it happen!